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The selection of topics and presenters for the Munk Debates is the exclusive responsibility of the Aurea Foundation which funds the debates in their entirety. The Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy at the University of Toronto does not have any oversight, direction or control of the Munk Debates including the choice of debate topics and presenters. The Aurea Foundation is an independent registered Canadian charitable foundation established by the late Peter Munk in 2009 to promote public policy research and debate in Canada.

Press Releases

08/18/2021 – Engrave Danger: An Analysis of Apple Engraving Censorship across Six Regions

06/09/2020 – Dark Basin: Uncovering a Massive Hack-For-Hire Operation

05/07/2020 – We Chat, They Watch: How International Users Unwittingly Build up WeChat’s Chinese Censorship Apparatus

03/03/2020 – Censored Contagion: How information on the coronavirus is managed on Chinese social media

09/24/2019 – Missing Link: Tibetan Groups Targeted With Mobile Exploits

03/22/2019 – Minding the Gap: Transit Financing in Los Angeles County and Metro Vancouver

01/10/2019 – New IMFG paper highlights lack of diversity in the infrastructure industry

12/07/18 – Canada and the Global Compact on Migration: Law, Politics, and Process Beyond the Rhetoric

10/01/18 – How Saudi-linked digital espionage reached Canadian soil

09/18/18 – New Citizen Lab report tracks NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware to operations in 45 countries

04/25/18 – Planet Netsweeper: An investigation into the global proliferation of internet filtering systems manufactured by Canadian company, Netsweeper, Inc.

01/03/18 – Jury announced for the 28th annual Lionel Gelber Prize

12/11/17 – Citizen Lab launches Security Planner: an innovative and accessible digital safety platform

12/07/17 – Public Dialogue With the Prime Minister’s Sherpa on Canada’s 2018 G7 Charlevoix Summit

11/08/17 – A Global Education: Report urges Canada to send more post-secondary students to learn abroad

10/17/17 – Is the Municipal Electoral System in Need of Reform? A new paper by the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance

09/07/17 – Briefing from the Canadian Ambassador to South Korea: Updates from the ground

06/19/17 – Researchers uncover spyware campaign against Mexican journalists and civil society using government-exclusive malware

05/25/17 – Researchers uncover a major disinformation and cyber espionage campaign with Russian connections

05/05/17 – The Evolving Role of City Managers and Chief Administrative Officers

04/13/17 – We (Can’t) Chat: “709 Crackdown” discussion blocked on Weibo and WeChat

03/30/17 – Government of Japan Establishes its First-In-Canada Chair and Centre in Japan Studies at the University of Toronto

03/10/17 – The Sciences Po School of Public Affairs and the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto Launch A Dual Master’s Degree in Global Affairs and Public Policy

03/08/17 – APF Canada, Partners Launch Canada’s First China Research Web Portal

02/13/17 – Report reveals supporters of Mexico’s soda tax targeted with government-exclusive spyware

02/02/17 – Researchers uncover Nile Phish, extensive phishing campaign targeting Egyptian NGOs

01/25/17 – Canadian companies still struggling to overcome hiring bias against minorities

11/30/2016 – Researchers expose censorship on popular chat app, WeChat

11/10/2016 – New paper provides historical finance lessons for today’s Toronto 

11/01/2016 – Researchers uncover hidden censorship on Chinese live streaming apps

10/17/2016 – Over 400,000 Tech Jobs Affirm Toronto As a Key Global Innovation Centre

09/21/2016 – National Website Filtering’ in Bahrain Reliant on Canadian Company, Netsweeper

08/25/2016 – Researchers uncover UAE cyber espionage campaign using rare Apple “Zero Days”

08/23/2015 – The Centre for e-Democracy releases the Internet Voting Project Report

08/02/2016 – Researchers Uncover New Cyber-Espionage Operation Targeting the Syrian Opposition

07/22/2016 – G20 Members Holding Steady since Antalya Summit

06/27/2016 – New IMFG paper makes case for new taxes for Canada’s largest cities

06/21/2016 – Online privacy tool Access My Info now empowers Canadians to learn how dating and fitness apps use their data

05/30/2016 – Researchers uncover extensive Twitter-based cyber espionage campaign targeting UAE dissidents, journalists


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